Thursday, 30 June 2016

Farmyard Rally 2016 - FotoFavourites

The Farmyard Rally 2016 - a great weekend with great bikes and great bikers. 

This year's bike show was one of the best line-ups I've seen and included quite a few familiar machines - including the bonkers bobbers from the Sideburn Hebden Bridge run and the Best in Show from Into The Valley.

I picked up some great little ideas - including a hidden starter button masquerading as a top yoke nut - and loved that hidden fuel tank doubling as a seat.

Here's just a few Farmyard Faves:

This red springer was my personal show winner selection. Loved it.

 It's all in the detail...

  Accepted sign of chopperdom cognoscenti approval - hot parts, hotter bike.

The Amsterdam Racer

Cheap weekend flights to Europe. Long may they continue. This superb Cafe Racer was parked outside a small workshop in Amsterdam. Not much more than a side door to real craftsmanship hidden deep within the gloom.

The bike had been shifted outside to make a little move around space and while still not fully finished, it took my breath away.

A low profile saddle was being stitched together before taking its place on this full wood base - immaculately smoothed, polished and varnished to show off every grain.

The tank was finished in a very fetching shade of silk sheen gunmetal grey - simple, stylish and very effective. Amsterdam is famous for it's cafe's - but this little Honda was truly smokin'

Thursday, 2 June 2016

On days like these...

Finally, some decent weather. In among the clouds, showers and daily work grind there's been chance to hit the road and watch the cares of the world disappear in the breeze. 

It don't matter what you ride so long as you ride and I've come across some great scoots in the past few weeks.

Like this total head-turner hard tail Sportster. Originally built down on the south coast, it managed just the right amount of bling with a great stance and subtle detailing.

Meanwhile this hopped up Honda showed some real building skills in a small but beautiful package. 
Loved the paint on this one - stock but real tasteful. 
And nothing beats this. A reminder of my first bike. Worth a few bob more than the £169 I saved from supermarket floor cleaning to get on the road.
Finally, a reminder that some things just get better with age. Love that plunger.